How should I care for my candle?

To best sustain them, candles require love! Always trim wick to 1/4" before lighting, and burn on a plate. For your initial burn, keep candle lit long enough to establish a sufficient wax pool. Candles have a "memory" and this will help keep your wax from tunneling. Let your candle cool completely before relighting. Never leave your candles unattended.


What are your candles made from?

All candles are 100% organic soy wax or a 100% organic coconut/apricot blend. I use only non-toxic, non-paraffin/ non-leaded wicks, and clean fragrance. Dyes are synthetic, but generally used in extremely small quantities (often one drop per batch). All colors are custom mixed. I don't use any toxic additives when making my candles; no UV protectant spray, hardening agents, frost protectant, silicone mold release sprays, etc.. I want my candles to be beautiful and functional, but safety is always the first priority.


Do you make them yourself?

Yes! Everything you see is handmade. Because each item is individually made there will be small variations in color, texture, etc.. Variances are what make my candles unique and beautiful. 


Do you deliver?

Yes! Local delivery is available in Baltimore City, and I offer free delivery for orders over $25. There is an optional space for a tip; 100% of that money is passed on to the driver.


Can you explain your income discount to me?

Sure. Because of ever-widening income inequalities in the United States, people have vastly different budgets. It is my belief that those with less income should not be forced to only purchase the cheapest mass-produced items, and therefore I offer a no questions asked income discount. Just get in touch to let me know you'd like it, and I will discount your order for you. I am also happy to discuss making candles for a specific event at a lower price point. 


What is your return policy?

I offer replacements on any items damaged in transit. If this occurs, please send me a picture as soon as you receive your shipment and I will make you more candles.